Benjamin Strong, MD, Chief Medical Officer, vRad

Benjamin Strong, MD, Chief Medical Officer, vRad

Benjamin Strong, MD, chief medical officer of telemedicine provider Virtual Radiologic (vRad), will travel to Russia this month to speak at the first International Multidisciplinary Conference of Ramsay Diagnostics in Moscow on February 17, 2015, and in Saint Petersburg on February 19, 2015. Sponsored by GE Healthcare in Russia, the conference will focus on abdominal oncology imaging for an audience of surgeons and other clinical professionals.

“GE Healthcare has been providing specialized oncology solutions for over 50 years,” said Olivier Bosc, CEO of GE Healthcare Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). “One of the key tasks we have set for ourselves is to raise awareness among medical personnel about the latest developments in the early detection and treatment of cancer. We are pleased to support our partners Ramsay Diagnostics and vRad in this conference, which is of urgent need for the medical community. We are convinced that our joint efforts to improve the quality of oncology diagnosis and treatment in Russia will help save patients’ lives.”

Strong’s lecture will explore imaging study selection based on patient presentation, the limitations of various image modalities, and how the appropriate sequence of imaging studies can help with a proper diagnosis. As CMO for vRad, Strong is licensed to practice in all fifty states, and holds reading credentials for several foreign countries.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to lecture at the inaugural Ramsay Diagnostic Medical Conference,” Strong said. “vRad radiologists are dedicated to sharing best practices to improve healthcare worldwide. In addition to participating in educational conferences and events, our practice offers educational webinars that reach hundreds of radiologists and other clinical professionals around the globe.”

For more information about the Ramsay Diagnostics conference, visit the conference page.

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