Mission Accomplished

Mike Ryan at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Midwest Healthcare Network—also known as VISN23—is proud of his team’s work on deploying a “deconstructed PACS” across the network’s 11 facilities. Still, Ryan, who is informatics coordinator of the imaging service line, would rather talk about the honor of working with his fellow VA employees to “serve those who have served.”

Imaging Equipment


Market Trends


PET scan volumes to rise by 6% to 7% this year in US

Market research firm IMV predicts that the volume of clinical PET scans to rise by 6% to 7% again in 2020, a rate of growth that has been consistent since 2013, according to IMV’s 2020 PET Imaging Market Summary Report.

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The Impact of MSK Ultrasound Code Changes On Imaging Utilization

Concerns regarding increasing utilization of non-vascular extremity ultrasound imaging led to the Current Procedural Terminology Editorial Panel to separate a singular billing code into distinct comprehensive and focused examination codes with differential reimbursement.