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“Patient-centered Care for Diverse Populations” will highlight strategies and tactics for delivering high-quality care for different patient populations, including pediatric and elderly patients, as well as those with physical and intellectual disabilities and chronic and infectious diseases.
Findings suggest that nonsolid nodules of any size can be safely followed with low-dose CT at 12-month intervals to assess a potential transition to part-solid.
At the meeting, new president of SNMMI, Hossein Jadvar, announced the creation of a Therapy Center of Excellence, which will bring together a multidisciplinary group of experts in targeted radionuclide therapy.
National Electrical Manufacturers Association has announced that Patrick Hope has joined the organization as the executive director of its Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance.
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Timothy Proulx is an ultrasound industry veteran that brings 25 years of medical imaging experience.
According to researchers, if successful in human studies, the results could be used to deliver nanoscale drugs that can distinguish and fight tumor cells in the brain without resorting to surgery.
National Security Technologies, LLC (NSTec), and Global Medical Isotope Systems, LLC (GMIS), Henderson, Nev, have announced a new private-public partnership agreement to enable production of the critical radioactive isotope.
Study investigators used CCTA to assess the relationship between calcified and non-calcified coronary plaque burden in the coronary arteries and cardiovascular risk factors in low- to moderate-risk asymptomatic individuals.
Preclinical conversion kit for clinical MRI systems
Enabling facilities to conduct research without the need for major investment, the kit allows for the conversion to take place in around 10 minutes.
The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance recently commended the United States Senate for its bipartisan passage of TPA legislation, which will eliminate unnecessary barriers to future trade agreements that affect medical imaging advancement and patient access to care.
Results of a recent study suggest that using the company’s software to assess a standard coronary CT angiogram (cCTA) may change the course of treatment for a significant number of patients with coronary artery disease.
The X-shaped pathway of nerve fibers represents the dentatorubrothalamic tract (DRT), a pathway inside the thalamus that researchers target with deep brain stimulation to halt uncontrolled tremors. Photo courtesy Evan Calabrese, Duke Medicine.
Using MRI technology, researchers at Duke Medicine have revealed deep brain pathways in unprecedented detail.
Richard Iappini, Virtual Imaging.
Mark Prodonovich has been named sales director for the western region at Virtual Imaging, with responsibility for the entire line of RadPRO DR solutions, while Richard Iappini was appointed as a key account representative for government and military markets.
SterEOS 3D
The provider of 2D/3D orthopedic medical imaging systems has launched a new online service that allows hospitals to outsource 3D modeling from the company’s stereo-radiographic images.
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Thomas Dziubeck will oversee sales efforts in the United States and Canada to help meet the increasing demand for the company’s digital x-ray products.
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Through an exclusive distribution agreement made in January 2015, Konica Minolta is handling commercialization of the product in Japan.
According to new research, endovascular treatment (EVT) of intracranial aneurysm is effective in preventing long-term bleeding, however aneurysms may recur in a significant proportion of cases.
William Boonn, MD
AXIS, a leading digital media resource for diagnostic imaging professionals and healthcare IT leaders, is proud to welcome its newest editorial advisory board member, William Boonn, MD, president and CEO of Montage Healthcare Solutions and adjunct assistant professor of radiology, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
In the battle against breast cancer the imaging community stands firmly in support of screening mammography, but backing Federal density legislation leaves them divided.


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The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists has donated the amount to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists Foundation’s 30th anniversary celebration campaign, “Positioning for a Brighter Tomorrow.”